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Vitro Molecular Laboratories (VML), a pathologist-owned, Miami-based, anatomic pathology specialty laboratory,founded by Drs. Hadi Yaziji, M.D. and Enma Saiz, M.D., and began operating in 2006. Vitro provides boutique anatomic pathology services to biotechnology companies, community hospitals and major healthcare systems in over 16 states in the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Chile and Brazil. Services include immunohistochemistry, FISH, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, and PCR. Over the years, we have redefined the concept of anatomic pathology esoteric service offerings. We consider service components such as comprehensive esoteric testing menu, fast turnaround time, and friendly customer support not the end objective of our services, but the beginning of a much more involved relationship with our clients.

Vitro Molecular Pathology Auto Stainer 360

  1. The most reliable, knowledgeable and professional services in specialty anatomic pathology, with quality being the most important aspect of our services.
  2. The friendliest and most efficient customer service.
  3. The fastest and most acurate turnaround .

Contrary to what is being offered by the mega-reference laboratories, Vitro Molecular Laboratories offers a fresh approach. Availability of consultant pathologists, quality of technical and administrative staff and reliable billing services are the cornerstone of our service.

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