Vitro Launches Interactive Digital Reporting


Vitro Molecular Laboratories announces that for the first time ever in pathology digital reporting, it is incorporating QR codes in its esoteric pathology reports of molecular, FISH and IHC testing results, in a manner that enables the receiving pathologist or physician to scan the incorporated QR codes in the report to get access to pertinent literature or consensus guidelines that is important for the management of patient’s results in the report.

This will enable the clinician or pathologist receiving the report to have the easiest possible access to the pertinent literature downloaded directly onto their smart phone, iPad or any smart tablet. This is the first step it has taken in creating interactive digital pathology reports, and it plans on introducing additional tools in the near future. It is also in line of Vitro’s ongoing commitment to providing the most attention to detail to the services they provide to their national and international pathology and oncology clientele.

This is the first time ever a national esoteric anatomic pathology reference laboratory venture into this interactive digital reporting and we are excited that our client pathologists are already benefiting from these value added services leveraging the combined power of our LIS system and optical/digital scanning tools that we are able to intelligently incorporate into our day-to-day routine work.

While this concept is currently a novel concept in esoteric pathology reporting, the day that this will become the standard of care in pathology reporting is not in the too distant future, and we are excited at Vitro to be the first in the US to offer this type of service to our loyal clientele.

Vitro Molecular Laboratories | Anatomic Pathology Laboratory