Dr. Yaziji is the lead author of an ad-hoc consensus conference on estrogen receptor testing in breast cancer.

A group of some of the key opinion leaders in immunohistochemistry standardization and breast cancer experts met on January 25, 2008, for a full-day consensus conference to provide specific guidelines to the pathology community on the best practice to ensure adequate and meaningful estrogen receptor (ER) test results in breast cancer by immunohistochemistry. Among prominent speakers such as Elizabeth Hammond, Clive Taylor, David Hicks, David Dabbs, Neal Goldstein, and Sunil Badve, Dr. Yaziji was the moderator of the meeting, which led to practical recommendations regarding control of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical variables that affect the final outcome of ER testing. The study was subsequently published in the Journal of Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology [link here]. The recommendations in this particular publication were subsequently adopted by the ASCO/CAP Task Force on ER testing conference, which Dr. Yaziji participated in as well. The study of the ASCO/CAP can be downloaded here from the CAP’s website.

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